Fox Wants Shane Black to Reboot the Predator Franchise

I’m both excited and kind of bummed by today’s surprising news that Predator is getting a reboot.  On one hand, Predator is one of my favorite sci-fi franchises around, combining an interesting lore along with dumb action.  My love of creature features started with the original Predator and has continued to this very day.  It’s a franchise that’s always had potential, but never quite reached it, so a reboot could really be for the best.

On the other hand, however, I really enjoyed the last attempt, Predators, and feel like it never got the recognition it deserved.  I’d love to see a continuation of that story and see what happens next for those characters.  With a reboot inbound, it’s not likely to happen…THR broke the news that Fox has hired Shane Black to take control of the Predator Reboot:

But before some purists cry fowl, however, they should know that this reboot comes with an in interesting attachment: Shane Black, the venerable screenwriter behind Lethal Weapon and writer-director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3.

Black will write the treatment for the project, then will hand over scripting duties to Fred Dekker, his university chum with whom he wrote 1987’s Monster Squad. Black will oversee the writing and is also attached to direct.

John Davis, who produced the original with Joel Silver and Lawrence Gordon, is producing the reboot.

This is another point of concern for me.  I like Shane Black, generally speaking, and think he’s done some awesome work.  I couldn’t stand Iron Man 3, however, and feel it’s still one of Marvel’s weakest films to date.  It’s not something I want to see happen with a Predator reboot.  If we’re getting a reboot, I want it to be amazing and kick off the franchise the character has always deserved. 

The real question here, however, is when Fox is going to do this.  Black is a busy man, currently tied up in trying to get a couple projects off the ground (Doc Savage and The Nice Guys).  From the sounds of it, however, Fox is wanting to get the ball rolling on this project quickly.  Seeing as how Godzilla got a successful reboot and classic movie monsters are all the rage right now (Dracula’s getting a reboot too), I could see why they’d want to act quickly.

Despite my fears, there’s no doubt in the world that I’m going to see this movie.  I’m a fanboy and readily admit that.  What do you guys think of this news, however?  Tell us your thoughts on a Predator reboot in the comments below!