Friday the 13th Reboot Falls Apart Once Again

Yesterday, Paramount Pictures announced some changes to their movie release schedule in which they removed dates for World War Z 2 and their Friday the 13th reboot, both of which were initially slated to arrive this year.  Considering filming hadn’t started on either of them (nor even pre-production really), the announcement wasn’t a big surprise.  While World War Z 2 may still happen at some point, THR has reported that work on Friday the 13th had been shut down: 

With just less than six weeks go to before the start of principal photography, Paramount had shut down the latest iteration of Friday the 13th, multiple sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

The exact reason for the move is unclear, although one factor could be the poor performance of the studio’s horror movie, Rings. That pic, which like Friday the 13th was to have restarted a horror franchise, cost $25 million and bowed to $13 million over the weekend.

The iconic franchise has struggled to move into the future with audiences and has seen a number of false starts on yet another reboot to try and revitalize the series.  For fans who’ve been anxious to see Jason return on the big screen, the shut down is a bummer.  Maybe one day it’ll finally come together, but for now, we’ll have to continue to wait patiently.