Full ‘Social Network’ trailer finally shows some footage

This trailer starts off way slow, but then about 30 seconds into it we get into the meat of the trailer.  But wait, it all seems so familiar.  If you’ve seen (heard I should say) the previous trailer, then you’ll already know what to expect.  It’s the exact same dialogue and audio clips we got before, but now we get footage to accompany it. 

Honestly this feels like a cheap way to get an extra trailer out of the deal, because all of the drama and mystery associated with the previous trailer is gone.  In fact I actually feel like the footage brings less to the table than just dialogue over a blank screen.  I know many people are talking about how great this film is looking (and that they’re genuises at marketing), but I’m very uinimpressed at this point. 


Really, it doesn’t look any better than the USA Pirates of Silicon Valley made for TV movie (which I liked).