Full Super 8 Viral Clip Released; Gives Tease of the Creature

The full theatrical trailer for Super 8 gave fans this website: s8editingroom.com.  All that site did was shown some brief, grainy, black and white footage.  It didn’t explain much.  But then some of the other movie sites around the net starting getting packages in the mail with a roll of super 8 film…which contained more black and white footage clips.

These were all small pieces of a much bigger puzzle, and now J.J. Abrams is finally giving it all up.  He gave over the entire full length viral clip (no more putting it together yourselves) to Yahoo this afternoon, and it gives a quick glimpse at the creature’s arm.  Sadly that’s all of the creature you get, but it’s still more than we have.

On the whole, this clip is nice because it’s giving some backstory to where the creature came from and what was happening to it before the events of the movie.  It doesn’t give much away, so those of you afraid of spoilers shouldn’t feel bad about watching it.  Just think of this as a nice prelude to the film which releases this Friday.