Full Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer is Here and Not too Shabby

I know Transformers can be good.  While the last two films definitely didn’t do the franchise any justice, the first movie was actually quite decent.  Their are a lot of reasons why the other films didn’t work, but because of that, many fans are wary about a fourth movie from Bay (I know I am).  Yet I enjoyed the first footage we saw from this film, and I really liked what they did with this trailer: 

You know why I enjoy it?  It actually puts more spotlight on the characters and overall tone of the film, rather than the action moments.  Bay’s penchant for action sequences are well known, and frankly, he’s great at them.  So to see him take a different tactic with this trailer gives me hope that the story for this movie can live up to the action that’ll come with it.  Though what we did see, was pretty awesome.  I mean, Optimus punching Grimlock?  Yeah, who wouldn’t enjoy watching that over and over again? 


The tagline for this movie seems to be “The Rules Have Changed” and let’s hope they really have.  The trailer at least hints at a better storyline, and frankly, I already like the human characters more than I did any of the previous ones.  Let’s just hope this is a sign of things to come!

Now it’s your turn to tell us what you think!