Full Venom Trailer Drops at CinemaCon

It’s inevitable. Some jerk is always going to leak footage from a convention. Even a convention full of the press. While it is unfortunate that this happened once again tonight at CinemaCon, there is a silver lining. First just a GIF and Image of Venom were leaked, an hour later the full trailer made it’s way online. Rather then let the public look at awful footage of their film, they have decided to release the full trailer for Venom. And to quote the WWE’s Bobby Rhoode, it is GLORIOUS! However, go ahead and judge for yourself.

This is everything I ever wanted from Venom, well, minus Spider-Man. He speaks in plural, he has an ongoing relationship with the symbiote. The dynamic between Tom Hardy and the voice in his head seems perfect. Some of the action looks a little cheesy, however we are not seeing it’s full context. Along with the trailer, a new poster has been revealed:

venom poster 480x600

Venom is one of the iconic villains in the Spider-Man comics. An alien symbiote that leaks out when a shuttle from space wrecks in New York, bonds with Peter Parker/Spider-Man. As our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man realizes the symbiote has a mind of it’s own and is evil, he does what he can to get rid of it. Rejected by Parker and harboring a strong hatred for him the suit bonds with Eddie Brock, an ex Daily Bugle reporter who has his own beef with Parker. With Spidey a substantial player in the MCU, it is unclear how much of this story will make it into the film. Whether Spidey is involved at all. It looks like the symbiote is brought from space, the but situation surrounding Brock’s contamination seem to be changed.

Venom is being directed by Ruben Fleischer, and stars Tom Hardy as the titular Anti-Hero. Michelle Williams and Rhys Ahmed join Hardy, with a rumor that Woody Harrelson is in a secret role, that is also rumored to be Carnage. Venom hits theaters later this year on October 5th.