‘Gears of War’ movie is hitting restart

I still don’t know why they call it Comic-Con.  With all of the videogame and movie news blended in with other geeky greatness, they should just change the name to Nerdgasm 2010 and be done with it.  Regardless it’s a great event that can fill many needs all at once.  Now…onto the news.

Cliff Bleszinski (Gears of War game designer) was at the event and spoke just a little bit about the issues the Gears of War movie is facing.  Obviously the film got off track back in April when Len Wiseman (the director) jumped ship on the project.  With him gone and the project suddenly in limbo, Bleszinski has confirmed that they’re now going back to look at the script and possibly starting from scratch.

He wants to re-work the story and bring down the budget (which was $100 million) because apparently movie studios just weren’t biting before.  Bleszinski says they want to make the movie “more like District 9” (which was a very successful R-rated film on a cheaper budget), where as the first script Len Wiseman was working on felt more like 2012

So…more good Sci-Fi action with a fun story and less everything-blows-up-but-no-one-really-cares?  I’m definitely okay with that.  While fans might lament this set-back, in the end I think it will do more good than anything else, and may give everyone the videogame adaptation we want.