Get Ready For Big Hero Six

Now Big Hero Six was a short lived Marvel title consisting of 6 heroes from Japan banding together to form a government sponsored team of heroes. Now we aren’t getting the whole team but one of the characters Hiro Takachiho is being reintroduced as Hiro Hamada a child genius who creates his own robot named Baymax. Hiro’s robot isn’t exactly hero material in fact he’s made of a very soft material and our story has Hiro attempting to make his robot of “sterner stuff”, see what I did there?

Now the studio is saying that this won’t take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will be it’s own stand alone movie. While everything that Marvel has been doing lately has been set in it’s cinematic universe I don’t see this as a big thing and hey they may change that in one of their awesome post credits scenes. I think this film will bring in some young fans and looks to have a lot of crossover appeal. BIG HERO 6 opens in theaters November 7, 2014!

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