Get Slimed in the First Ghostbusters Trailer

I know not everyone has been looking forward to the Ghostbusters reboot, seeing it as unnecessary, or not what they were hoping for.  While those things may be true to some degree, I can’t help but feel excitement towards the new project.  Everything we had seen for the film previously had me intrigued, so I was anxious for today’s trailer:

Paul Feig and the new crew most certainly have my attention.  While I, generally, like the trailer it seems oddly cut and put together.  Something about the flow feels a little off to me, but the individual moments within it have me excited.  I like the look of the new technology in the film (proton packs, etc).  They’re definitely more modern, but still have that home made look to them.  

The ghosts themselves are reminiscent of the original movies, though updated (perhaps a little too Casper for my tastes)…In fact, that really seems to be the theme with the trailer.  Many of the elements are familiar but distinctly different at the same time.  I enjoy the feel of the new team and their dynamic, plus seeing Slimer make a return put a big smile on my face.  

The oddest thing about the trailer, however, is the opening.  The overlaying text really makes it seem like this film is a SEQUEL to the original films, rather than the reboot it is.  I can see this confusing a lot of people and leading them into the theater with different expectations.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what future marketing has to offer. In the meantime, I’m very much interested in seeing more. 

Thirty years after the original film took the world by storm, Ghostbusters is back and fully rebooted for a new generation. Director Paul Feig combines all the paranormal fighting elements that made the original franchise so beloved with a cast of new characters, played by the funniest actors working today. Get ready to watch them save the world this summer!

What about you guys?  Tell us your thoughts on the trailer below!  Ghostbusters hits theaters on July 15, 2016