GI Joe’s Snake Eyes Spin Off Film In The Works

GI JOE has been a polarizing film franchise to date. The first one was met with mixed reactions, followed by a sequel with basically a brand new cast that was also mixed. I for one was a fan of the first, and little eh on the second the film. But have been hopeful for the franchise to continue. One character who has been loved in both films is the silent ninja, Snake Eyes. Now it looks like Snake will be leading his own film.

Variety is reporting that the director of the critical acclaimed thriller The Captain, Robert Schwentke is in early talks to direct a Snake Eyes solo film for Paramount.  Schwentke also gave us the Bruce Willis lead action film RED however is also responsible for the 2nd and 3rd Divergent films by directing Insurgent and Allegiant, as well as RIPD.

Beauty and the Beast and The Huntsman: Winter’s War scribe Evan Spiliotopoulos has written the script for the spinoff about the breakout character. Snake Eyes took a vow of silence after his sensei was murdered. A stand out among the JOE’s, he reps all black and never shows his identity. He has a sworn enemy in his own Blood-Brother Stormshadow. Occasionally the two have worked together though a mostly at ends with each other.

G.I.JOE RETALIATION Storm Shadow VS Snake Eyes

This will be the 3rd installment in a franchise, that most of us thought to be dead and in limbo. The rumor around the franchise is that Paramount were planning on rebooting with a shared HASBRO universe along with the Transformers, M.A.S.K., Micronauts, Rom and Visionaries.

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