Glen Mazzara of Walking Dead Fame Tapped to Write The Shining Prequel

Executive producer and former showrunner for AMC’s monster hit The Walking Dead is in talks (according to Deadline) to write the much buzzed about prequel for The Shining entitled The Overlook Hotel. Warner Bros. is developing the film which is being produced by Bradley Fischer, James Vanderbilt and Laeta Kalogridis at Mythology Entertainment.

The first movie starring a very scary Jack Nicholson was based on the novel The Shining written by prolific author Stephen King. In 1980 Stanley Kubrick brought the book to the screen, basing it more on his vision than King’s written page. Unfortunately for Kubrick, King did not care for Kubrick’s film version of his book, despite the fact that the film is considered a classic.


So the question is whether or not King, and audiences, will like the prequel if Glen Mazzara writes the script? Differences of filmmaking opinion aside, I think we can all agree if anyone knows scary it’s Glen Mazzara. No one can deny that The Walking Dead is one of the freshest and avant garde shows on TV with the most brilliant writing, and improved greatly under his guidance. Writing the script for a prequel that captures the atmosphere of The Shining yet can stand out and shine on its own will be a monumental challenge. Could Mazzara handle this project as deftly as he did The Walking Dead?

Well, that’s as yet to be seen, but if Mazzara can write ghost stories as genuinely terrifying as those critically acclaimed zombie stories we may all be in for a treat.