God Particle Confirmed to be in the Cloverfield Universe

The third in the Cloverfield series now has the title Cloverfield: God Particle. The Wrap reports that insiders involved with the project have confirmed the title. Paramount and J.J. Abrams would not comment anything on the film and considering how hush they kept the second one I can understand why. Now there’s supposedly a plan in place to release a Cloverfield movie in this shard universe every year. This next installment is supposedly about a team of astronauts making a discovery the ends up with them fighting for their lives. Now the first Cloverfield movie gave us the easter egg at the end with something crashing into the water from space supposedly which ended up being the monster that wrecked New York. The second had straight up aliens in ships here so this makes sense. Expect footage to be shown to media today but it is not known if this will be released to the general public.. The film is expected to release February 24, 2017. Keep it on Cinelinx for more info.


-Jason The X


While I liked the second Cloverfield, it needed more giant monsters, that’s kinda my jam. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @JasonTheX