Godzilla vs. Kong Could Be Heading to Streaming/VOD

Looks like the upcoming (and long delayed) MonsterVerse film, Godzilla vs. Kong, might be the next blockbuster to head to streaming.

Well here’s a bit of pre-Thanksgiving news to chew on. After Warner Bros. made the unprecedented decision to put Wonder Woman 1984 onto HBO Max (along with a theatrical release) it felt like a watershed moment that would open the door for more major blockbusters to follow.

Looks like that could be the case as THR is reporting that Netflix has offered Legendary $200 million to release the film on its service, which Warner Bros (who only financed 25% of the film but retains control over release) apparently blocked. While the public statements they’ve made say they’re sticking to the current theatrical release date, we all know how that turned out with WW84.

Behind the scenes, it sounds like they’re putting together their own offer to bring it to HBO Max (which seems to make the most sense), which would probably include some sort of theatrical component as well. These are strange times indeed to even consider such a major franchise film, one heavy on VFX and big screen action, coming to VOD.

As much as a bummer it would be, since Godzilla and Kong feel specifically made to enjoy on the biggest screen possible…I’m hopeful this happens. The film has been delayed numerous times, and after some lengthy reshoots, is only costing studios more money sitting on the shelf.

With 2021 already PACKED with week after week of big releases, and still no telling exactly when it’ll be safe to hit theaters again, I suspect GvK won’t be the last big movie we hear about making the jump, or doing a hybrid release.