‘Goonies’ 25th Anniversary DVD/Blu-ray set is an 80s themed treasure

Goonies Blu-Ray


At a recent Los Angeles screening of the film to commemorate the anniversary, those involved with the film discussed why they think The Goonies has endured over the years. ‘It’s the ultimate kid’s fantasy,” Ke Huy Quan, who played Data, said. Jeff Cohen, who played fan favorite Chunk, believes the realistic depiction of the Goonies connected with young viewers. “The director, Dick (Richard) Donner, really let kids be kids,” he said. “Kids talk over each other and curse and push each other, and act how kids actually act, which is why the film still resonates.”


Actor Robert Davi says that, despite appearing in such classic films as Die Hard and the James Bond flick License to Kill, he is still recognized most as the villainous Jake Fratelli. Joe Pantoliano (Francis Fratelli) believes this Collector’s Edition will give original Goonies fans the chance to hand the movie down to a new generation. “Kids grew up loving it, and they showed it to their kids, and now their grand-kids. Now, millions of kids will be discovering the film,” he said.



This is video from WB’s Goonies celebration, done on their lot…Courtesy of Warner Bros.


The collection not only includes some behind-the-scenes footage of Donner working with the young actors, but also deleted scenes and commentaries that take viewers inside the Goonies experience. There’s even a reprint of a 2009 Empire Magazine article that catches up with the actors.  If you feel like recapturing your own childhood, or introducing this to your own kids, be sure to pick up a copy that is currently on sale now.