‘Gravity’ gets its act together; cast George Clooney in a supporting role

The Hollywood Reporter was the first to break the story, which claims that George Clooney has officially taken the reigns of the part that was once Robert Downey Jr.’s.  Since Sandra Bullock is pretty much locked into star, this makes Clooney the second cast member attached.  How many actors required for this film is unknown, but it’s reportedly very few.  But the star power of Oscar winners Bullock and Clooney should be more then enough to draw in audiences.




It’s thrilling to see good news come out of Gravity.  After months of following production disasters and casting rumors, maybe we can finally get back to following this anticipated movie with the love and desire it deserves.  But then again, it will be announced tomorrow that George Clooney has killed Sandra Bullock with a rusty butcher’s knife, and that Alfonso Cuaron proceeded to set fire to all of Warner Bros.  Believe it or not, that news wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.


The film hopes to start shooting sometime in the Spring…but it probably won’t.  Sigh…