‘Green Lantern’ character posters are what the fans need

I am one of the few who truly loved the new look of the Green Lantern costume.  I don’t think it was perfect by any means, but neither did I hate it as much as many fanboys out there do.  With the director already backpedaling and saying the final look for the costume isn’t done, I hope there will be some compromise and everyone will be happy when the film releases.

That being said four new character posters have just been released that recite the first part of the Green Lantern oath (which recharges the power ring’s battery).  While the posters don’t reveal a whole lot and are just a few floating heads they are incredibly well designed.  The posters just look cool and putting them together to create the mantra just sends chills down my geeky spine.

On top of that we also get our first look at Mark Strong’s Sinestro. It’s not much, but it’s more of Sinestro then we’ve seen before.

Green Lantern Blake Lively poster

Sinestro poster

Hector Hammond movie poster