Green Lantern Sequel Still In Works

Green Lantern had a total budget of over 300 million dollars, and so far it has made a total of 118 million dollars world wide. In North America it has totaled just under 90 million dollars and dropped over 60 percent for its second weekend. Tack on the negative reviews that generally come with summer blockbusters, and the hopes of Green Lantern being a massive hit have all but vanished.

However WB still plans on the sequel and is currently under way on making it. Looking at other area’s it becomes obvious on why they made this decision. A bad superhero movie is still better than a bad movie in general, as the crowds are still much larger. While critics may have “hated” the movie, the fans seemed to be the exact opposite and enjoyed the movie for the most part. Some have even been found defending the movie in major critics reviews that bashed every aspect. Lastly WB put a huge gamble behind this project for a reason. When it comes to comic books Marvel is tearing them apart, something they are not used to. They need someone other than Superman and Batman out there fighting, and with Green Lantern being in their top 5 in popularity what better way to start?

I personally am super excited to hear this news. The writer was hired last August, and with the after credits scene I knew a second movie would be absolutely awesome. Hopefully WB can see the nagging issues that were found in the first film however. A deeper focus on the Green Lantern Corp. is needed, other Green Lanterns should have a big focus, and Ryan Reynolds can take control of Hal Jordan just fine so don’t push him so hard. Take all that and cut the dialogue from the first film in half and you have a stellar movie.

How do you feel about the announcement of WB still rolling with Green Lantern 2? Should they cut the string and try something else? Or do you love Ryan Reynolds in this spot as much as I do?