Green Lantern trailer is here and better than expected

I’ll admit, I was one of the people not entirely sold on the footage we were shown a couple days ago.  I wasn’t cursing everything about it (like some people were online) but I wasn’t exactly singing it’s praises either.  It just seemed too light-hearted and brought back terrible memories of the Fantastic 4.  I was still excited about this film, because I’m a huge GL fan, but I had reservations.


Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern


Then I came in this morning and lo and behold the full trailer is sitting in my email, and totally blew me away.  The tone is way different from what the ET footage made it seem.  Yes, the typical Reynolds quips are all there, but by no means do they set the tone.  Instead we get a look at the more serious tone of the film where Hal Jordan is unsure of his abilities to be the Green Lantern.  He’s torn and conflicted, but struggling to do his best.  All-in-all it’s everything the Green Lantern should be.


The effects also look much better.  While the suit still gives me some pause, in the context of everything else, it seemed to work.  The aliens and the space sequences look amazing, so my faith in the VFX are well intact.  I’d say this was a very strong opener for the movie.  It has plenty in there for the fans to ooh and ahh over (Sinestro, Hector Hammond, Kilowog and Tomar-Re), but it’s also engaging enough to capture the interest of those not familiar with the property.  June 17, 2011 is definitely a day to look forward to.



Thanks to our pals at CinemaBlend, who’ve complied a bunch of high-rez pictures from the trailer for us all to drool about.  Hit their link for all of them.