Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Getting New Director

James Gunn had a career revival when he took a movie that was so overlooked by everyone, and made it one of the most iconic films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Guardians of the Galaxy, not expected to do well, became a huge success and the follow up film did just as well. The greatest thing about the films have been how well they tied an entire universe together without really stepping out of their own court.

The upcoming film is shaping up to be a rather important part of the universe with the events that happened in Avengers Infinity War, and the possibility of Adam Warlock entering the universe, a vital part of fighting off Thanos, and extremely hinted at in the previous films.

Gunn has also been updating fans along the way of production of Vol. 3 confirimg some iconic characters will be returning (we can’t list them all due to spoilers), and some surprises that could appear. He also photographed a finished version of the script and said he sent it in to the studio, and shortly after noted that production was beginning rather soon. Gunn has actually been friendly to fans with frequent updates, and a transparency to production that not many other directors offer any fans. He even communicates with fans on a daily basis, responding to questions, and offering advice.

Which is possibly where he got into trouble. Gunn holds a very strong political bias, and due to this the opposing side seemed to have dug into his past and found some tweets on his timeline that were deemed offensive. Gunn quickly apologized for the tweets stating that he “has evolved as a human” and apologizes for it, but he has since changed. I understand personally, we’ve all been young, we’ve all done stupid things. This new generation just has a thing called the internet that makes it seem like that young person never died.

While Gunn had apologized quickly, and deleted the tweets, it wasn’t enough. Disney today announced that they have “severed ties” with James Gunn over the tweets stating they do not fall in line with the beliefs of the company.

“The offensive attitudes and statements discovered on James’ Twitter feed are indefensible and inconsistent with our studio’s values, and we have severed our business relationship with him,” said Alan Horn, Walt Disney Studios chairman.


This isn’t the first strike that happened just before, or say during, SDCC18 either. Just before the event Chris Hardwick was removed from AMC due to statements and actions he made. However it appears as of now that James Gunn is still going to appear at SDCC on behalf of Sony to announce a new project entirely.

Why did Disney do it? Simple, it’s Disney. Much like their parks they like the image they have spent billions of dollars building, and decades of work to create, to be a family perfect company. They don’t allow this behavior at all and they have even fired higher up people due to similar circumstances, people that have made them a lot of money. If they take strikes like that you know that someone lower on the pole doesn’t stand a chance. It’s why Gunn was quick to address it, but it just isn’t going to fly with Disney. Though it should have been rather known before he was hired, so that brings up further questioning.

However it is sad to see Gunn fired from the franchise. He was given new life with Guardians, and the pride he put into the project will be hard to match by anyone that follows up. What this means for Vol 3 is still in question. Gunn wrote the script, and had productions plans, so we can assume things will now be delayed, and the script will most likely be tossed unless they can work this out.