Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark Script is Finished & in Studio Hands

If you’ve been worried about Guillermo del Toro’s long gestating Justice League Dark movie, then you’re in luck as the project just took a big step foward.  While talking up his TV series, The Strain, with Forbes, del Toro provided a great update, revealing that the script is now complete and turned in for the WB exacs to read this holiday weekend: 

Well, thing just took a big leap forward. Today, the completed screenplay forDark Universe officially went to weekend reads at Warner Bros. The studio’s reactions to the script will be coming back in a few days, and the film could take another step toward production if Warner has a favorable opinion of what they see on the page. The director confirmed the script’s completion and status while I chatted with him about his FX horror series The Strain (watch for that article coming in a few days, dear readers!).

Obviously this is really great news for comic book fans who’ve been hoping to see this come to life on the big screen.  The adaptation would pull together Constantine (for which the TV actor has expressed interest in jumping to the big screen), Deadman, Spectre, and even Swamp Thing to fight down evil in their own unique way.  The real question now, however, is whether or not this film would tie into DC’s cinematic universe.  They’ve already mapped out several films that will share a connected universe, so is there still room for one more, or will they take this one solo?