Gwendoline Christie Suits Up as Captain Phasma in The Force Awakens

We’ve heard rumors that Gwendoline Christie would be suiting up as a special-ops type character for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and even heard the name Captain Phasma being thrown out there a few times.  Today, however, brings the confirmation that Christie is playing the chrome armored warrior who was first glimpsed in the newest trailer for the film.  

Captain Phasma

Though many fans have already nicknamed her “The Chrometrooper,” Christie’s character is actually named Captain Phasma and is a member of the First Order—the film’s new version of the evil Empire.

She looks pretty amazing to say the least, and I’m very interested to see how she plays out on the screen.  I’ve heard that Phasma is more of a smaller role, something along the lines of Boba Fett in Empire Strikes Back, but could potentially have a bigger role in the future films.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but for now, we can enjoy this new image.  I’m guessing the background may be some hidden base, or something, but sadly, no information was given on that.