Henry Cavill Flying Away From Superman

The Worlds of DC have had their issues getting these worlds up and running. From issues with scripts, and films, and critical receptions they just haven’t been able to really hit their mark. We thought maybe they were on the right path wants Wonder Woman hit, but unfortunately the follow up, Justice League did not hit what they wanted to do. Add the fact the Ben Affleck is on again, and off again, will he won’t he does not bode well for the future. However it now looks that Ben Affleck is not the only member of the Worlds Finest to be leaving the Worlds.

According to an exclusive over at the Hollywood Reporter, Henry Cavill is out as Superman. Talks seemed to break down as they were working on a cameo for Cavill in the upcoming Shazam! film. Word is that Cavill couldn’t make the cameo work due to scheduling conflicts, and now we will be looking for a new Boy Scout.

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As far of the future of Superman, IGN is now reporting that WB is looking to possibly cast Michael B. Jordan as the next Superman. Though this is just a rumor, with no real confirmation behind it. It is also looking like WB/DC is not looking to make Superman a priority as they are focusing on the Supergirl project. Couple that with the fact that there are no plans for Man of Steel 2, and WB possibly moving on from Ben Affleck, and it is not the biggest stretch to see why Cavill would be moving on.

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