Hidden message the start of Paranormal Activity 2’s viral marketing?

We already talked about the uber creepiness of the Paranormal Activity 2 teaser trailer, but what’s just been discovered on the film’s website might be the start of a new viral marketing campaign.

If you watch the trailer all the way through on the main website, once it’s over it goes to a picture of the baby’s room and then it asks if you’d like to replay the trailer.  If you’re not paying attention it’s real easy to miss, but take a gander in the left corner of the room (where the mirror is) a hard to see message it written on it.

Paranormal Activity Secret

Click the pic for the large image

It’s upside down and backwards, but if you take the time to flip it around, the message reads “What is happening to Hunter?”  Typing that into the address bar results nothing outside of the fact that someone has bought the domain name www.whatishappeningtohunter.com.  It’s not an active domain, but someone has it.

Seeing as how the first film made its success by encouraging fans to demand it in their theaters, it’s within the realm of possibility of this being the start of a similar advertising campaign geared towards the fans.

It could be nothing, and just designed to creep us out even more.  It’s unclear who Hunter is, but if you look closely in the picture as well, you’ll notice that the baby isn’t in his crib anymore, yet he’s still in the mirror standing up…gives me the shivers.  Could the baby be Hunter?