Hot Rod Joins Transformers: The Last Knight

transformers hotrod autobotform 700x700

According to Michael Bay‘s description of Hot Rod, he’s supposed to be Bumblebee‘s Brother-in-Arms which means that having him as a new spoofed up Camaro would make the most sense.  In fact, his features look reminiscent of one.  It’s a far cry from the 80’s version most fans grew to love.  

While most casual moviegoers may see this as just another autobot being added to the Transformers franchise, Hot Rod is so much more.  In fact, it could mean the actual death of Optimus Prime.  Of the many deaths of Optimus Prime, the one that stung the most was when he died in the 1986 Transformers: The Movie.  Eventually Hot Rod took up the mantle of Rodimus Prime and led the autobots, for a short time.

Theatrically, this could still happen.  Bay could be setting up for Optimus’ death that leads to his absence in the next few movie, but let’s face it, he’ll eventually be back.

As for who is voicing Hot Rod, that remains to be seen.  Smart money is on Judd Nelson as he did it in the 80’s.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Transformers: The Last Knight will arrive in theaters June 23, 2017!

What do you think of Hot Rod’s inclusion?