Hugh Jackman Doubtful About X-Men 4; Would Consider Role In First Class Sequel

After starring in two critically acclaimed X-Men movies from director Bryan Singer, as well as one not so great installment from Brett Ratner and a pretty awful solo effort from Gavin Hood, Hugh Jackman has been linked with the popular Marvel Comics character of Wolverine for a very long time. So, what about the future? Well, the actor assured The Playlist that work was progressing well on The Wolverine (yet another prequel, this time focusing on the his time in Japan as a Samurai) although shooting will now have to wait until he wraps up filming Le Mis. Despite Darren Aronofsky’s departure from the project, he’s confident that James Mangold has, “the best take.”

Most interesting however were his comments about the chances of us seeing him star in a fourth X-Men movie. James Marsden (Cyclops) also recently expressed interest in another team-up, but what does Jackman think? “I don’t see it. I can only see one movie ahead. I’m pretty sure I’m well into the second half of this match. I don’t know exactly when the end is, but I only go one at a time. If this is the last one, fingers crossed, man, I just hope we finally get that hole in one.” Hmm…sounds pretty unlikely, huh? But don’t worry, before you get too disappointed about not seeing him back as Wolverine and fighting alongside his fellow mutants, he told the site this when asked about the chances of starring in the planned sequel to X-Men: First Class.

“If they come up with as good of an idea as last time. Yeah, I could see it.”