Hugh Jackman in Talks to Play Blackbeard in Pan

Hugh Jackman continues on his diverse career track, tackling a wide variety of roles, including his critically acclaimed role in Prisoners and his Oscar-nominated performance in Les Miserables; not to mention the ever-popular Wolverine. Now he may be taking on another role which will allow him to stretch further. According to articles in Variety and TheWrap, Jackman is in talks to play a villainous pirate in Pan, director Joe Wright’s new interpretation of Peter Pan. The storyline is about a young orphan named Peter who is captured and taken to the mystic realm of Neverland and becomes a flying hero while leading a revolt against nefarious pirates.

Jackman’s role will be that of Blackbeard the pirate. But where is Captain Hook, you may ask. Good question. The  article in theWrap reveals that Hook will “serve as Pan’s close ally before turning bad.” In the film, Hook will begin as a young boy; another orphan who is captured by the pirates and forced to work as a slave for years, until his escape. At first he sees Peter as his ticket back to our world, but soon he grows to care for the young hero and stays in order to help Peter and the natives fight Blackbeard and his men. Hook will lose his hand in battle, become romantically involved with native princess Tiger Lily, and ultimately have a falling out with Peter.

As for the casting of Peter Pan himself, it seems that the studio is planning an open casting call to find a young newcomer to play the film’s eponymous hero. They are also searching for “an actress in her mid-20s to play Tiger Lily.” Hook’s sidekick Smee will be in the film, starting off as a close friend of Hook’s but eventually betraying him to Blackbeard.

It was recently announced that the movie will be coming out on June 26, 2015. As for the busy Jackman, he can next be seen in X-Men: Days of Future Past, which hits theaters in the summer 2014.