‘Hybrid Live-Action Movie’ for Sonic the Hedgehog in the Works

In an age where childhood tv shows, comic books, and even video games are being adapted for film, on a frequent basis, SEGA has announced that Sonic the Hedgehog will be added to that list.  

Speaking with The Worldfolio, CEO of SEGA Hajime Satomi had this to say about the speedy hedgehog’s future:

“Sega Sammy Group is currently planning with Sony Pictures to create a live-action and animation hybrid ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ movie scheduled for release in 2018. Like with this CG animation production, we would like to expand our business into other entertainment areas beyond what we are currently involved.”

The move is a smart one for SEGA.  Sonic the Hedgehog doesn’t have the popularity it once had.  SEGA has done everything it could to try and revitalize their cash cow by creating TV Shows, adding characters, and even inserting him into games like Super Smash Bros. and Mario and Sonic at the Olympics.  Alas, nothing has stuck yet.

Enter Sony Pictures who hopes they can help Sonic get back up to speed by creating a live-action/animation hybrid film.  That may sound strange but we’ve been seeing these types of movies a lot, over the years.  Take something like Garfield or even Enchanted.  Both are live action in the sense that they are in the real world.  However, in both films some of the characters are animated.  

In essence, we believe Sonic’s world is going to bleed in with our world and it’ll be up to Sonic and his friends to save us all from Dr. Eggman (Robotnik).

What do you think about the Sonic the Hedgehog news?