In A Mad Dash to Secure Rights, Fox Hires Josh Trank for Fantastic Four and Drops David Slade from Daredevil

We knew from the beginning that Marvel making its on studio was going to be a tricky situation.  Yes, it would be great to see them release their own movies, but there’s one unfortunate thing here; Marvel was a bit of whore beforehand.  Most of their famous franchises, from Spider-Man to Hulk, belonged to studios.  And of all the studios, Fox probably had the rights to the most, with Fantastic Four, Daredevil, and X-Men belonging to them.  Marvel obviously wants the rights back, however, and has forced a deadline upon Fox to start production on new iterations of these superheroes.  And if they don’t, the rights will go back to Marvel.

And well this is a pipe dream for fanboys, the studios are less inclined to lose these lucrative properties.  We’ve already seen Sony rush a Spider-Man film into existence to protect their own rights, and now it looks like Fox is following suit.  According to Deadline, Fox has been busy.  Not only have they officially hired Josh Trank (Chronicle) to direct the newest Fantastic Four, but they’ve also fired David Slade from Daredevil.  Apparently, David Slade didn’t have the time to direct the film this fall due to prior commitments and, as previously slated, Fox is in no position to wait.  That said, they are apparently very pleased with the script from David James Kelly, and just needs a director who can produce the film in a timely fashion.

Daredevil Reboot

In Fantastic Four’s case, things are much more determined.  The film will be the next Marvel film put into production from Fox, and will be released following The Wolverine and X-Men: First Class 2.  It will have an entirely new cast (duh), and will be based on Trank’s “vision” for the film.  Apparently, this will be the next film from Josh Trank, which puts the faith of the Venom spinoff and Shadows of the Colossus adaptation in doubt.  Either way, I’m excited to see what Trank will bring to the franchise.  I was floored by Chronicle, and I’m curious to see what the director can do with a bigger budget.  Hopefully, it will be something worthy of the Fantastic Four name.