Incredible ‘Portal’ Short Film Makes You Wish For Full Movie

I love Portal.  It’s by far one of my favorite games, because it actually requires you to think.  Running and gunning plays no part and most times will get you killed.  The story is amusing and filled with mystery, but I can honestly say, I never wanted to see a Portal movie.  That’s all changed now.

This new short film, Portal: No Escape, is awesome.  I mean, it’s really bad ass.  It’s told almost like a silent film, but that doesn’t hurt it one bit.  It’s engaging to watch, and brings a hefty dose of realism to the Sci-Fi tale, which isn’t something you see a lot of when dealing with video game adaptations.  The visuals that bring the titular portals to life are stunning and on par with most feature productions.  Listen to me go on…we’ll talk more after:

See what I mean?  It’s very intriguing.  It’s filled with about as much mystery as the game itself has, but way more action.  I only hoped to see some form of GLaDoS show up at the end, but on the whole, it was still a fun watch.

If you don’t recognize the director’s name, he’s been mostly doing commercial work, but seems to be slowly edging his way into directing features.  So what did you guys think?  Are you anxious and longing for a full on Portal movie now, in the same style?