Indominus Rex Looks Menacing in New Jurassic World Poster

Just the other day I was wondering when we’d finally get a full length trailer for Jurassic World, and it looks like I’m getting my wish on Monday.  Until then, however, Universal Pictures is going to release three new posters (leading up to Monday) for fans to enjoy.  The first one is here dropped earlier and it’s pretty awesome: 

Jurassic World Poster

We knew the Indominus Rex was huge, and we could kind of see that from the glimpse we’ve had in the trailers, but this poster gives us a solid scale for how truly massive it is.  Even though we only see a small part of it’s mouth/nose, just that little bit is enough to dwarf Bryce Dallas Howard and make her look tiny in comparison.  I like the poster a great deal.  The idea of creator and creation facing off and separated by something so small (glass).  

I’m really interested to see what the other posters have to offer.  Guess we’ll find out over the next couple days!  What do you all think of this new poster?  Be sure to stick with us as we’ll post the trailer as soon as it’s live.  Jurassic World hits theaters on June 12, 2015.