International ‘Predators’ trailer will rip out your spine

Predators is a movie I’m looking forward to very much.  I am a huge fan of the franchise and have been eagerly gobbling up any and all footage/information that’s been coming from this film.  The problem so far is all of the trailers/images have really been playing it safe. 

With as little as they were showing I was starting to worry that this would be a skimmed down Predator movie without any of the violence or bloodiness necessary to this kind of film.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care for blood and guts movies, but that’s part of what made the Predator films great; even the main guys (who you thought would live) could end up skinned alive or with their spines ripped out.

Thankfully the recently released pictures, and this new international trailer have put those fears to rest.  The new trailer shows the Predators doing what they do best, and shows some surprisingly graphic clips (nothing terrible here) that give me hope for this film, and should make any die hard Predator fan breathe a little easier.