It’s an Interstellar Thrill Ride in the Final Valerian Trailer

Anyone who knows me knows how excited I am for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.  It was my number 1 film in the Cinelinx group Most Anticipated Summer Movies of 2017, which prompted the Valerian social media manager to tweet me this.

The reasoning behind this love for Valerian is because of three things.  First, Luc Besson is a great sci-fi director and helmed one of my all-time favorites, The Fifth Element. Second, it was based off of a pretty gnarly graphic novel.  Finally, awesome trailers like the Final Trailer they released today.

Gorgeous doesn’t seem to be a deep enough word to describe this movie, or trailer for that matter, but boy does the imagery pull you into the movie.  In this final trailer, we get a better understanding for what the driving force of the movie will be and what’s at stake, while seeing just how big this movie will be.  Luc Besson is definitely stay true to the name, “The City of a Thousand Planets”.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets releases in theaters July 21, 2017!