It’s Lightning’s Last Chance in the Latest Cars 3 Trailer

The Cars franchise has always been one of the more fun DisneyPixar franchises, over the last couple of films.  That all changed with the footage we saw for Cars 3.  From trailers to images, everything we’ve seen has looked more bleak than upbeat.  With that in mind, Disney-Pixar released a new trailer for the 3rd film that incorporates a few more laughs while keeping the dire theme!  Take a look!

Surprisingly, this trailer actually gave me chills, while providing me with a chuckle or two.  The build up to the end of the trailer felt empowering, yet sad.  It made you want Lightning to win but realize that maybe this is the last hurrah of our favorite talking sports car.  I love the addition of Mater too.  Larry the Cable Guy‘s character provided some much needed levity that the first trailers didn’t have.

Cars 3 will arrive in theaters on June 16, 2017!

What do you think of this trailer?