Nathan Fillion gets the role he was born to play

Nathan Fillion gets the role he was born to play

Nathan Fillion Tweeted out his thanks to Allan Ungar for “letting us all scratch this itch” he also thanked the fans in the same post and the attachment on that tweet was for a 15-minute short film he made with Ungar titled - UNCHARTED.


Needless to say I about lost my mind when I saw this posting (Thank You,Jordan) and dove right on in. For years fans of the game have been asking for a movie based on the Uncharted series and the only person we wanted to see play Nathan Drake was Nathan Fillion. Well at long last he’s done a short film written and directed by allan ungar (Gridlocked) and it is freakin fantastic. Let’s stop all this babbling and get to the film, shall we?

I was starting to think that Fillion would be too old now to play the character, but after watching this I am 100% wrong. He was fantastic. Fillion was pretty much spot on as Drake. We also got to see some of Nathan Drakes supporting characters in Sully (Stephen Lang “don’t breathe”, “Avatar”), and Elena (Mircea Monroe “BoJack Horseman”, “Impastor”). The most surprising for me was to see Ernie Reyes Jr. (The Last Dragon, The Rundown) as one of the bad guys.

As great as this short (fan) film was, chances are we may never see an Uncharted movie. Bet let’s not give up hope yet, this film might just be the push we get to have a full feature film made. Fingers crossed!