It’s Hard to Deny the Awesomeness of the First ‘Expendables 2’ Poster!

All right, JoBlo got the exclusive on this one, and I have to say, I’m getting kind of geeky about it.  I know a lot of people had problems with the first film, but I for one loved it for all that it was: a pure homage to 90s action.  While I’m hoping the second film can pull off a deeper story, I’m still geeking about about seeing all of these guys on screen at once.  Check it out:

The Expendables 2 poster

Yeah…awesome.  I mean, it just brings a smile to my lips every time I see it, and it’s infinitely better than the first poster we got for the first movie (which was just a bunch of guns and names).  Still, it’s not exactly an inspired design, but let’s face it, they’re selling this film on the cast they have, and the cast they have is freaking cool.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the name they’re promoting with EX2.  It seems both odd and lazy; not something I hope catches on.  Either way, I’m happy with seeing this poster, just because it gets that little kid in me (the one who grew up with all of their films back in the day) really excited.