It’s Rabbit Mayhem in the Trailer for ‘Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway’

Mopsy (Elizabeth Debicki), Flopsy (Margot Robbie), Benjamin (Colin Moody), Bea (Rose Byrne), Peter Rabbit (James Corden) and Cottontail (Daisy Ridley) in Columbia Pictures' PETER RABBIT.

It would seem the adventures of Peter Rabbit are far from over, as the teaser trailer for Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway reveals.

The original Peter Rabbit proved to be an unlikely success at the box office in 2018, as the beloved children’s story was adapted and expanded to fit a full-length film. Somehow, they’ve found a way to expand the story yet again, as Peter Rabbit is off on a new series of misadventures after Thomas (Domhnall Gleeson) and Bea (Rose Byrne) get married.

While I was highly skeptical of the 2018 film, I think Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway has definite potential. The tone is decidedly different, somewhat more mature, and I think that makes all the difference. If the filmmakers have actually found a way to reasonably continue Peter’s story, then I’m all for it.

In PETER RABBIT™ 2: THE RUNAWAY, the lovable rogue is back. Bea, Thomas, and the rabbits have created a makeshift family, but despite his best efforts, Peter can’t seem to shake his mischievous reputation. Adventuring out of the garden, Peter finds himself in a world where his mischief is appreciated, but when his family risks everything to come looking for him, Peter must figure out what kind of bunny he wants to be.

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway stars Domhnall Gleeson, Rose Byrne, David Oyelowo, and James Corden, and is directed by Will Gluck. The film is scheduled to be released on              April 3, 2020.