Jaime Foxx in Talks to Portray Electro in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’

This report is coming from Variety who says that Sony is currently looking at actors for the role of Electro.  One of the top people currently in early talks, though, is Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained).   For those not completely up on their Spider-Man villains, Electro is a villain with the power to control/create electricity. 

Jamie Foxx Electro

He’s a pretty tough villain, and has had some minor changes over the years and various Spider-Man comics.  There’s no word on which version of Electro the film will be going for, but my money will be on the Ultimate Spider-Man version.  Call it a hunch (or the fact that that’s what they seemed to do with the first film), but that’s my gut feeling on this one. 

There’s no other real information other than Jamie Foxx is in talks for it, though the actor himself did post an interesting tweet:

Jamie Foxx Electro

Obviously that could be taken a number of ways, but it from all appearances, I would hazard to say he’s the ‘frontrunner’ at this point.  Sure, some fanboys might be upset with this casting seeing as how traditionally the character has been caucasion.  Personally, I have faith in this franchise now.  Amazing Spider-Man blew me away over the Summer, and a large part of that was how excellent the actors did.  I like Jamie Foxx and have confidence in the casting so far. 

So what do you guys think about it?