James Franco To Play Multiple Man for Fox

We’ve seen him before. Eric Dane portrayed Jaimie Madrox in X-Men 3: The Last Stand, where he was a member of the Brotherhood after being broken out of police custody. It wasn’t a big part, but he did stand out a little bit. Now Fox is looking to bring back Multiple Man in his own film

x3 multipleman

In an Exclusive obtained by Deadline Fox is in the process of creating a film around the mutant whose powers allow him to create multiple copies of himself. The report specifies that Fox is in talk with James Franco to take over the role, with Simon Kinberg set to produce the film, with a script done by Wonder Woman scribe Allan Heinberg.

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The news comes on the heels of the news that Disney and Fox had recently been in talks to sell parts of the film company to Disney. As that fell through, Fox seems to be revving up their mutant world. With Gambit looking to be back on track, and New Mutants on their way, as well as the marketing department for Deadpool kicking it off, Fox choosing Multiple Man is a bit of a surprise. Not the most well known mutant, but I guess that’s why you go out and get James Franco.