James Mangold In Talks for Wolverine 2 Director

Director of Walk the Line, James Mangold has been noted for being in talks to direct the upcoming Wolverine 2. Yes Darren Aronofsky was already put in the role to make the film and people were excited to see what he would make come of it. However, being that Fox wants things to be done a certain way, he didn’t like it and jumped ship.

Wolverine 2

Mangold doesn’t have as much excitement as Aronofsky, but there are many worse choices Fox could make. Since Fox wants to rush things out the door and start filming this fall, at least they are going after better directors to do so. However with Fox’s control problems we may need to see something else change before we get comfortable with the project. Especially when Wolverine could easily be better with a different twist, instead of getting milked as fast as possible. With Mangolds recent film being Knight and Day, we somewhat expect it to go the opposite way.

Does anyone else think of The Green Hornet when you say or see Aronofsky? It made me smile.