Jason Bateman says “Arrested Development” movie is NOT dead

Last week David Cross stirred up the internet and Arrested Development fans when he came out with this statement:

“[It’s] just not going to happen…I mean, there’s so many people involved. Everyone’s doing their own thing, you know. And everybody’s aged. It’s just not going to happen.”

Many fans were upset over the statement as demand for the show’s movie adaptation has been high.   Well if your hopes were dashed last week, Jason Bateman has contradicted that statement, saying it’s NOT dead.  He explained in a recent interview:

“David says that it’s dead, but it’s not dead at all…[Show creator] Mitch Hurwitz is busy shooting a new pilot with Will Arnett, and perhaps when they’re done shooting and editing and he’s delivered that, perhaps he’ll jump into writing the script. Once the script is done, it goes to the studio and they decide if it’s a script they want to make, and the actors will decide if they want to be in it.”

So basically…

“It’s a long process. But it could happen and it’s still in everybody’s plans for it to happen.”

The project is likely to happen (with such a strong following) but the ‘when’ seems to be the issue.  David Cross’ statement now seems odd and probably premature, but it may be an indication he no longer wants to be involved?  I’m not sure, that’s just my speculation.  If you’re a fan of the series, there’s still hope for this film, but don’t start camping out for tickets just yet…it could be a long wait.