Jeff Nichols to Direct New A Quiet Place Film

Despite the sequel having been pushed back over a year, Paramount is already developing a new film set in the apocalyptic world of A Quiet Place.

In a world without a Pandemic, we would have seen A Quiet Place Part II already. Hell, we would already have it out on home entertainment. But that is not the case, and even after an initial delay, the film was finally pushed all the way to April 2021. But that doesn’t mean the studios aren’t looking ahead to what comes next!

News has come from Deadline that Paramount is developing another A Quiet Place movie and has hired Jeff Nichols (Loving, Midnight Special) to write and direct it. While he won’t be in the director’s chair this time around, the story is based on an idea from John Kraskinski.

From the sounds of it, this won’t actually be a Part III continuation of the films so far. Instead, it’ll be more of a standalone/spin-off set within the same world, but telling a different story. Considering how little we know about the alien creatures who took over the planet, it seems like there are plenty of potential stories to be told.

What do you hope to see out of another A Quiet Place movie?