Jesse Eisenberg is Afraid in First The Art of Self-Defense Trailer

The first trailer for Bleecker Street’s indie comedy, The Art of Self-Defense, has arrived. Come inside to check it out!

The Art of Self-Defense has delighted critics on the festival circuit, and this Summer, everyone else will have the chance to see what the hubbub’s about. Today, however, you can get a quick look at the dark comedy via it’s first trailer:

Hmmmmm…I’m honestly not sure what to think. The trailer gives little information on the primary story (that goes well beyond his impetus to join a dojo), and the humor doesn’t exactly show itself. I’m still intrigued by the idea, but I’m far from sold. What did you think?

After he’s attacked on the street at night by a roving motorcycle gang, timid bookkeeper Casey (Jesse Eisenberg) joins a neighborhood karate studio to learn how to protect himself. Under the watchful eye of a charismatic instructor, Sensei (Alessandro Nivola), and hardcore brown belt Anna (Imogen Poots), Casey gains a newfound sense of confidence for the first time in his life. But when he attends Sensei’s mysterious night classes, he discovers a sinister world of fraternity, brutality and hyper-masculinity, presenting a journey that places him squarely in the sights of his enigmatic new mentor. Audacious and offbeat, The Art of Self-Defense is an original dark comedy that takes toxic masculinity to absurd extremes.

The Art of Self-Defense hits limited theaters July 12th before a wider release on July 19, 2019.