Jessica Chastain May Swing as Jane of Tarzan Fame

Jessica Chastain is getting lots of offers following her break-out year which launched her to super-stardom. The overworked actress and recent Oscar nominee is rumored to be the first choice to play ‘Oueen-of-the-Jungle‘ Jane, in a reimagined version of Tarzan. Chastain’s name is gold right now and her presence will lend a lot of notoriety to a franchise that may seem quaint or outdated to modern fans.

Along with Chastain, Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood fame is rumored to be in the running to play the iconic, eponymous Jungle Lord. Aside from Tarzan and Jane, Samuel L. Jackson is supposed to be attached to the project.

The Plot: Tarzan and Jane have left the Jungle and are living quiet lives as the Earl and Lady of Greystoke in England, when Queen Victoria asks Tarzan’s help to stop a crazed Warlord who is trying to take over the Congo and tilt the political balance of the late-19th century world. Tarzan teams up with an ex-Union soldier (Jackson) who is now a mercenary, to take down the Warlord.

The film will be directed by David Yates, who directed four of the Harry Potter movies. Yates says, “It’s been a passion project for me for years. I grew up watching the old movies on this channel called TV 44 when I was a kid and then in high school, I got into the books so when I met with Warner Bros., I had a certain idea and they liked it. We’re going to see how it works but I really just want to get in there, make a Tarzan movie and bring him back.”

More updates as they come.