Joel Kinnaman Likely to Play Rick Flagg in Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is already heavy into pre-production, and director David Ayer has been providing fans with constant teases on his twitter (a neat thing to see considering how secretive so many film projects seem to be lately).  The role of Rick Flagg has been vacant since Tom Hardy dropped out, but with filming set to begin in April, they’re obviously in a hurry to fill it.  Latino Review (backed up by THR and The Wrap) is reporting that Joel Kinnaman is in talks to bring the character to life. 

“Sources told me that this was the week they would make a decision on an actor and I think they found their man. Earlier, there were buzz among sources of Jason Clarke, but that never panned out.

Now I got a legit tip this morning from a source that Joel Kinnaman, the actor who played Robocop last year in the reboot is going to be the guy after giving a strong audition.”

Honestly, I enjoyed the Robocop reboot for what it was, and that Kinnaman did a good job in the role.  I don’t doubt that he could do well with Suicide Squad.  At this point, he’s still “in talks” for the role, meaning that things could fall apart and it never happens.  Hopefully we’ll know pretty soon, though, what comes of these talks.  

What do you think about seeing Joel Kinnaman join up with the Suicide Squad?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!