John Carpenter will guide Hilary Swank through ‘Fangland’

During the 80s John Carpenter was untouchable in Hollywood.  Him and Wes Craven ruled the horror movie scene with iron fists.  While Wes Craven has continued his reign by staying active, Carpenter has nearly dropped off the radar, with only one movie within the last decade (Ghosts of Mars).  While he’s set to make his return with The Ward this summer he’s already preparing for his next job.

Regal Literary announced just yesterday that Carpenter will be directing a new vampire film called Fangland with Oscar winner Hilary Swank in the lead role.  If you’ve never heard of Fangland, you might want to stop by your local bookstore.  It’s a re-imagining of Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula, with a more modern twist (even emulating the style by telling the story through a series of journal entries).

The tale follows a producer (Swank) on a 60 Minutes style television show who goes to Transylvania in order to do a story on a group of mobsters.  While there crazy things happen and she ends up abducted.  Months later she’s found recuperating at a local monastery with no knowledge of what happened to her.  She returns to New York where strange things begin happening that no one can understand.

It’s pretty much a modern day Dracula, but it’s one of the first novels to have actually done it successfully.  It’s an engaging tale, that seems fit for the big screen.  Outside of the announcement that Carpenter will be directing the flick, not much other news has come out (no release dates or start dates), but chances are we’ll know fairly soon.