John Cena in Talks to Play Duke Nukem

Oh Duke Nukem was one of the great old school games. Released first in 1991 the first person shooter was full of foul language, gratuitous violence, and innuendo and we were thankful for it. But all good things must come to an end as the last game was released in 2011 to, mixed responses. Since then Duke has been in a limbo of nothing but talk but now Paramount in association with Michael Bay’s studio Platinum Dunes could be bringing this video game titan to life and WWE Superstar John Cena could be playing the role.

Platinum Dunes has been behind such films as Ninja Turtles and the Purge series with the new horror film A Quiet Place on the horizon. Now there’s no director or writer for this film yet so we’re at speculation stage right now. John Cena has been having a pretty good run in the movies lately and this would be a starring role for him. My question is is he ready to go all in on this character. Look I’m a wrestling fan and Cena has an image. While I know he will look the part I have to question how over the top his brand would be willing to let him go with this character. But that’s my opinion, he played a drug dealer in Sisters so hey maybe they would say it a role and leave it at that. I’m just waiting for the first Make a Wish kid to quote a line from Duke Nukem so I can eternally watch it on Youtube. We’ll keep our ears to the ground on this and you keep your eyes on us.


-Jason The X