John Williams Will Compose a Theme for Han in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars music enthusiasts have long wondered about the curious absence of a Han Solo theme.  Throughout the eight films John Williams has composed for the franchise, Han is one primary character who didn’t get one of his own (although he does share a theme with Leia in Empire Strikes Back).  If you’re one of those who’ve always been curious about it, today’s a day to rejoice. 

John Williams has revealed in an interview with Variety that he’ll be composing a theme for the beloved smuggler/Rebel, which we’ll hear in just a few months with Solo: A Star Wars Story.  John Powell, who was revealed to be the film’s composer back in July, will still be handling the rest of the score, and all the new themes, with Williams only doing this part: 

“The present plan is that I’m writing a theme for Han Solo, and John Powell is going to write the score, which he’ll do brilliantly,” Williams says. “What I will do is offer this to John, and to [director] Ron Howard, and if all parties are happy with it, then I will be happy. … John [Powell] will complete the score. He will write all the rest of the themes and all of the other material, which I’m going to be very anxious to hear.”

It’s a neat way for Williams to still be involved and finish up the last remaining hero theme.  I’m eager to see what he has in store for this one, and of course, how it will mesh with what Powell has already crafted.  It’s an interesting collaboration to be sure!  

Solo: A Star Wars Story will hit theaters on May 25, 2018