Joker Origins Movie Moving Forward at Warner Bros.

Looks like the rumors were true, and despite already having ONE Joker still doing movies, Warner Bros. is moving full steam ahead with ANOTHER Joker. Rumors started about a Joker Origin movie a little bit ago, a film that would be a standalone title sitting outside of their “connected DC” films. Supposedly, there’s an idea for a handful of new DC films falling under their own label to allow for more experimental storytelling without infringing on the shared universe stuff. 

THR has reported that the Joker film, at least, has moved out of rumor territory and has the green light over at WB. Joaquin Phoenix has completed a deal to star as the titular villain with Todd Phillips directing and filming slated to begin in September. There’s obviously very little information on the plot at this point, but it’s supposed to be smaller in scale, more along the lines of a crime drama (with a significantly lower budget than most comic book films). 

No word on a release date, but perhaps that will change closer to the start of production. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, as Jared Leto is still playing the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad sequel, with his own standalone flick in the works as well. That’s an awful lot of Joker action, let’s just hope they all bring something fun and different to the table.