Josh Brolin to play Cable in Deadpool Sequel

So we at Cinelinx have had our arguments over who we want or think would play Cable in the Deadpool sequel. So imagine our surprise as it was announced today Josh Brolin would be taking on the role of the time traveling son of Cyclops Cable. There were some big names being thrown around for role and while he may have surprised us all I have no worries that he can take on the role of our huge shoulder pad gun wielding mutant. Filming begins this June with Ryan Reynolds returning to the role of Wade Wilson alongside Zazie Beetz who was also a surprise casting as Domino. 


I am going to wonder about the fact Brolin is Thanos on the Marvel side of the house and how the filming will end up and yes I do think it’s weird he’s both roles. But the Fox Mutant side has no interaction with the MCU. But should things ever change I think we’ll get past it considering both roles are gonna require a bit of makeup to effectively capture the comic counterpart. Look for Deadpool to release Summer of 2018.

-Jason The X

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