Joss Whedon Teases Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch for Avengers 2

Although it was a premier for Iron Man 3, Joss Whedon’s biggest pipe-bomb of the night was about Avengers 2. In an interview with Yahoo!movies, Whedon has hinted at who the newest heroes for the Avengers sequel may be.

“I’ve got these two characters, two of my favorite characters from when I used to read comic books,” Joss reveals, “a brother and sister act. They’re in the movie, that’s exciting.”

Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch perhaps? Which other brother/sister heroes are associated with the Avengers? Certainly there are other sibling heroes (Invisible Woman & the Human Torch. Aurora & Northstar) but none of these others are usually mentioned in connection to the Avengers.

Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch were among the first new Avengers to be added to the team in the comics after the original line-up seperated. The mutant siblings–along with Hawkeye–joined the Avengers in 1965.  

Although they began as X-Men characters, it looks like Disney has gotten the film rights to the characters for the Avengers franchise. (So I guess we can’t expect to see them in Days of future Past. Sorry Fox Studios.)

As for the script to the Avengers sequel, Whedon says he isn’t quite done. “I’d be overselling it to say I’m finished”, he says. However, he adds, “I have actually finished a draft. We’re in a very good place. It’s going really well. Eventually somebody will explain to me that it’s not. But I’ve been writing, meeting with actors, and we’re starting to storyboard and all the preliminary processes. This is the part where it’s all still fun.”

Avengers 2 will be released in the summer of 2015.